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Residency Preparatory Program (REPP)

To enhance opportunities for our US and International Medical graduates to access residency training and transition into medical practice in the US, we provide mentorship and guidance for our prospective residents. Further, through the observership/externship opportunities, ANPA’s Education Committee, offers medical students invaluable experience and networking opportunities.

Email us directly: info@anpa.org
Chairman, Education Committee: Dr. Oranu Ibekie

ANPA Education Committee

  • Provides a process to assist Nigerian trained Applicants as well as the Nigerian origin US/Caribbean grads into Residency programs.
  • Guide students in Electronic Resident Application System (ERAS)
  • Connect students with ANPA and Non-ANPA members in Academia.
  • Mentorship of medical students, prospective residents, residents and recent grads in a culturally fit setting.
  • Offer guidance to relevant programs that may provide extra edge in USMLE examination with competitive advantage.
  • Guide students to ANPA partners that may assist in residency placement
  • Provide education platforms for ANPA activities in diaspora and Nigeria.
  • Establish alternative resources and support structure for future doctors through innovative ideas including – lottery, empty nest placement, American clinical experience opportunities.
  • Observerships, clerkship and research opportunities
  • Explore other medical career opportunities for applicants who have been out of school for too long.
  • Compilation of database – mentor roll, ANPA Medical Academia, IMG friendly programs updated, Prospective residents IMG roll, Medical students Observerships opportunities
  • ANPA USMLE virtual preparatory program

✅ Events held by Education Committee

Virtual Seminars –

  • USMLE Step 1 & 2
  • ERAS/Application process
  • Interviewing process
  • Post-interview adjustments
  • Lottery for a $500 support per winner

✅ Email address info@anpa.org

Chairman, Education Committee: Dr. Oranu Ibekie

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