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Founding Members AWARD

  • Members only
  • Vetted as a Founding Active Member by the Award committee

Exceptional Contributions AWARD

  • Members and Non-Members
  • This award recognizes an individual who has furthered ANPA mission by exceptional and outstanding Contributions toward ANPA vision of “A Healthier Nigeria in a Healthier World”.

Excellence in Academia and/or Healthcare Leadership AWARD

  • Members and Non-Members
  • Nominees should have outstanding achievements in one or more of a wide variety of areas, including healthcare leadership, research, teaching, publications, advocacy, and/or volunteerism.

Outstanding New Member AWARD

  • New member, less than 5 years, with outstanding contributions to ANPA mission at national and local chapter levels. This individual most have contributed above and beyond the usual expectations of new members in driving membership growth or advancing ANPA mission.

Lifetime Contribution AWARD

  • Exceptional Lifetime (15 years or more) Contribution to ANPA mission
  • Served on ANPA committees and demonstrated lifetime commitment and exceptional leadership and contributions to ANPA mission.
  • The recipient shall preferably be a long-standing member who has served as a committee chair, local chapter chair, member of the national executive committee or board member who has completed official service. The selection shall be based upon unusual loyalty and exceptional contributions to the mission of the organization, as well as the recipient’s outstanding influence in maintaining and advancing the best standards of medical education, medical practice, healthcare leadership or clinical research.

ANPA Nominating Process

  • Award committee will call for nominations, January of each year
  • Nominating letters should be sent to the Chair Awards committee by February 28th of each year
  • Nominations can be submitted by members, committees or chapters
  • Nominations should include nominee’s resume
  • What qualities and activities the nominee demonstrated to qualify for that category
  • What significant contributions has the nominee made to the areas of leadership, medical practice, research, teaching, publications, advocacy, and/or volunteerism- relevant to the category?
  • Did the achievements of this nominee advance ANPA vision and mission? How?