Countdown To ANPA @ 25

  It does not seem that it has been a quarter of a century since that sentinel date in 1994 when some of us at the instance and invitation of some California domiciled Nigerians doctors gathered in Anaheim , CA, to chat, brainstorm and have a conversation about the need to organize and form an […]

Countdown To ANPA @ 25

ANPA @ 25. The gestation, birth and development of ANPA to its current state @ 25 years is being well articulated as we approach our 25th anniversary convention and scientific assembly June 26-30, 2019. Looking at ANPA through a different lens compels me to focus my comments on the theory of organizational development and the […]

Countdown To ANPA @ 25

ANPA is an organization we all love so dearly. The main reason for this love is the love for Nigeria and our ability to contribute significantly towards the much needed improvement of the Nigerian healthcare delivery. That has been our vision. We have tried so much in the last 25 years to accomplish this vision […]

Countdown To ANPA @ 25.

Today as I look back, I have two pieces of advice for ANPA and it’s membership # 1 Though we have learned how to run, we should not forget how to walk. #2 We should always remember that before we ever walked, we first had to crawl. The former stresses the import of the basics […]

Countdown To ANPA @ 25

The Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA), came into being some 25 years ago thanks to a group of like-minded, outstanding patriotic Nigerian Physicians in Southern California. What follows here is my narrative! My first tribute goes to Dr. Iheanacho Emeruwa, a trained Internist who later became an OBGYN. His energy and belief […]

Countdown To ANPA @ 25

When we met 25 years ago, we never thought of where we would be today. We were motivated by the dream we had when we left Nigeria, to excel in the USA and return to build a formidable healthcare system for Nigeria. 25 years ago Sani Abacha was the Military President of Nigeria, Ken Saro-Wiwa […]

Countdown To ANPA @ 25

On a cool evening night in a city below the foothills of California, a group of physician visionaries came together with a vision of “a healthier Nigeria in a Healthier world.” 25 years later, this optimistic goal has remained the center focus of many more hundreds and it keeps growing. I am proud to represent […]


PREAMBLE: As part of the ANPA week, the leadership and advocacy team members meet with Healthcare leaders in the country to deliberate on possible opportunities to improve healthcare in the country. These meetings address the training of physicians, physician licensing and supervision, Federal Ministry programs and strategies to ensure adequate working circumstances for providers, provision […]

Nigeria 2019 ANPA & NAPPSA Medical/Surgical/Ophthalmologic/Dental Mission Report.

On April 5-12, 2019, a multidisciplinary team of 70 healthcare volunteers from the Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA), and the Nigerian Association of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists (NAPPSA), under the leadership of their respective Presidents, Drs. Charmaine Emelife and Leo Egbujiobi, sponsored and conducted an extremely successful medical/surgical/ophthalmic/dental mission in the Federal […]

Medical Mission South Western Nigeria, 2019

It is with pleasure that I report another successful medical/educational mission to the South Western Part of Nigeria:   This past Medical Mission, led by Dr. Bisi Jagun took place between March 30 and April 12, 2019 and spanned 3 different States and 11 local government areas of Nigeria. The mission was organized by Mercy […]

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