Kidnapping of Nigerian Doctors is a Public Health Crisis, says ANPA Members

Nigerian doctors in the US are taking President Goodluck Jonathan to task for being slow to tackle the booming kidnapping industry in the South East part of the country. ANPA members are also expressing solidarity with their colleagues at home who have become the target of the out-of-control kidnapping racket. According to Nigerian Medical association (NMA), more […]

Will Open Access Replace Medical Libraries in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Visiting the library of a Nigerian medical school last year, the empty shelves and outdated journals conveyed a sense of emptiness and decay. The familiar reference books on front-row display were all several editions behind. The librarian took me to a section with rows of desktop computers that were rarely used due to epileptic power supply and […]

Help Fund Training of Health Workers, CapacityPlus Urges Diaspora Groups

Faced with severe shortages of physicians, low income countries must build capacity among lower cadres of health care workers who can deliver health services to rural communities. This is the goal of an innovative program recently introduced by CapacityPlus, a USAID-funded global project uniquely focused on the health workforce needed to achieve the Millennium Development […]

Nigerians are Smart, Says Google in an Instant

What To Say To Get Your Ex Back – Just today, Google unveiled a new search tool, Google Instant, that extends the power of semantic search. Now, we can all search “faster than the speed of type”. As you begin to type, Google is no longer content with suggesting some terms for you, instead it […]

Worth the Fight

Nigeria, home to 150 million people, is the most populous country in Africa. Endowed with huge amounts of natural resources, it hardly sits well among the category of “low income countries”. Even the relatively large population is a poor excuse for Nigeria’s tragic underdevelopment. Its 2008 estimated GDP was $206 billion, the second largest in […]

2010: Washington, DC-Final Program

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Report of Neonatal – Perinatal Workshop

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2009: Abuja, Nigeria

REPORT ON ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT AND SURGICAL SKILLS TRAINING COURSE IN ABUJA Fiemu Nwariaku MD, FACS On July 13-15, 2009, approximately 90 physicians and surgeons attended a 3-day seminar on academic development and surgical skills training at National Hospital Abuja. This joint effort was supported by the Association for Academic Surgery, Ethicon Endo-Surgery (a Johnson & […]

2008: Charlotte, NC-Final Program

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2007: Orlando, FL-Final Program

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