Current Projects

ANPA Undergraduate Medical Education Program (AUMEP)

AUMEP will assist in delivery of high quality, evidence based integrated undergraduate medical education and curriculum development to include amongst others; compassionate care, patient safety, and ethical duty of care with trust, prudence and loyalty for medical graduates. This program will be anchored by the National Universities commission (NUC) and supported by the FMOH. It will capitalize on modern IT technology to connect ANPA members and their substantial educational partners to the respective beneficiaries of the program.

ANPA Postgraduate and Professional Leadership Education (APPLE) Program

APPLE Program is a leadership program proposed to facilitate visiting professorships that would teach and provide technical skills, prepare continuing medical education (CME) programs by ANPA members to transfer knowledge, improve practice gaps and professional performances to those in the forefront of healthcare delivery in the country. Some of the activities of this project were incorporated into the recently concluded ANPA week activities that included Continuous Professional Development (CPD), ANPA Advocacy meetings and ANPA Medical Missions. It aims to focus on population health management including; a) education and training on primary prevention and management of non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, chronic kidney disease, stroke and coronary artery disease; b) secondary prevention of stroke and heart attack; c) lifestyle modification – physical and mental health as well as physical activity/inactivity iv) culture of compassionate and ethical care and v) effective healthcare delivery to improve morbidity and mortality.

ANPA Disease Intervention and Prevention Team (ADIPT)

This is a designated ANPA medical professional ready team to assist with emergency preparedness whether medical or surgical, infectious or non-infectious diseases, massive casualty response during. terrorism strikes, offering advice and expert opinions during epidemic crisis can shorten length of disaster epidemic responses.

First field activity performed in April of 2017 with team members participating in public and community health education during ANPA week.

FMOH 11/1 Program

The is a one-month schedule in a year for Nigerian Health Specialists in Diaspora to come to Nigeria, consult and in the process, train indigenous health care practitioners in Nigeria.

First initiated during the 2016 ANPA Week when the idea was first mooted by the Health Minister, Professor Isaac Adewole, then further discussed during the 2017 ANPA Week and finalized in a one-hour meeting between the Health Minister and ANPA Executive during the 2017 ANPA Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

In August of 2017 an official request was sent by the Federal Ministry of Health to the Association of Nigerian Physicians in  the Americas (ANPA) for support in the area of capacity building/transfer of skills and knowledge to Nigeria indigenous doctors as well as trainings in specified  specialties by serving as Consultants in Nigeria using the 11/1 Ratio Program.

Diaspora Professional Healthcare Skills Transfer Program (DPHSTP)

The 11/1 program was set up by the current Nigeria Health Minister, Honorable Isaac Adewole and is currently being coordinated by ANPA and representatives from FMOH.

The Prime and Pride Program was set up Honorable Abike Dabiri currently being coordinated by Dr. Rotimi Jayesimi from MANSAG.

The aim of both programs is to build capacity, transfer knowledge and harvest the medical skills of Nigerian physicians practicing overseas to substantially impact and improve delivery of quality health care in Nigeria.

The general message conveyed from the Minister of health by FMOH HDU is to reiterate that there is absolutely no reason to create a divergence in implementing two programs that will ultimately produce the same result.

All attendees agreed that the two programs should be consolidated into one program, and all agreed on the name Diaspora Professional Healthcare Skills Transfer Program (DPHSTP).