Sponsors & Exhibitors

ANPA’s Annual Convention brings together physicians of all practices – family practitioners, nephrologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists and many others – from all across the United States.  These physicians come eager to find new products and services that will update their practices and better serve their patients.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet with key decision makers face-to-face.

Target a specialized group of physicians by participating as an exhibitor or sponsor at ANPA’s Annual Convention & Scientific Assembly.  For more details on options and pricing, please see the prospectus below.  Feel free to contact ANPA if you wish to propose an alternative arrangement not included in the prospectus – secretariat@anpa.org or 919-230-1488

We hope that you will support us in accomplishing our tall mission of A Healthier Nigeria in a Healthier World!

In-kind contributions are accepted and acknowledged at the sponsorship level equitable to the value of the goods and services provided.  Sample contributions can include attendee bags, audiovisual services, coverage for a meal, etc.  Please contact us to make such arrangements.

2019 Sponsorship Prospectus