• Welcome ANPA Seattle Chapter

    Dear ANPA Members:

    Please join ANPA Executive Council and ANPA Board of Directors in welcoming and congratulating the elected officials and members of ANPA Seattle Chapter.

    This will be one of ANPA largest membership inauguration with about 35 physicians to join ANPA family.

    Sincere thanks to the Chair of ANPA Membership Committee, Dr. Chinyere Anyaogu for working diligently towards the Seattle Chapter formation as well as Drs.Julius and Stella Kpaduwa for the inaugural support.


    Elected Officials:

    Ngozi Achebe MD, Chapter Chair

    Solomon Kamson MD, Assistant Chair

    Iyabo Tinubu Karch MD, Secretary/Social Director

    Dr Obi Nkwonta, Financial Sec/Treasurer

    Attached are 2 pictures from that meeting with the executive including Drs. Julius and Stella Kpaduwa who were also present.



    Johnson Adeyanju, MD, FACP, Author

    CME Co-Chair, John Muir Health

    Associate Medical Director, JM Urgent Care

    Founding Member, John Muir Medical Group

    ANPA President