Health Minister Gives Progress Report on the First Six Months

Nigeria’s Health Minister, Professor C.O. Chukwu came into office just over six months ago, at a time of great political turmoil, and following a rapid turnover at the helm of the health ministry. Prior to his appointment, he was Chief Medical Director at the Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital, and then Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery […]

Health Minister: Increased Government Funding and Inter-Sectoral Cooperation Vital To Improving Health of Nigerians

For watchers of healthcare delivery in Nigeria, it did not come as a surprise when the country was ranked among the worst countries with weak national health systems; ranking 197 out of 200 in a recent World Bank survey. This poor ranking was attributed to inequitable distribution of healthcare resources between urban and rural areas; […]

LUTH to boost medical tourism: Lessons from Colleagues Who have Gone Home

Since I left Nigeria after completing medical school, I have been back several times and have been in contact with my school mates both inside and outside Nigeria. I have been involved in both soft and heated discussions on the path forward for health care in Nigeria. In some cases, people have blamed physicians like […]

Meet Our Bloggers: Nneoma Nwachuku, MPH

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our blogging team. Ms. Nneoma Nwachuku is a member of our partner organization, the Distinguished Nigerian Physicians of Tomorrow (DNPT). Ms. Nwachuku is a medical student at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine (class of 2013). She received her undergraduate degree from Yale University where she also […]

Meet Our Bloggers: Asishana (Shana) Osho

We are pleased to announce the addition of new bloggers from our sister organization, the Distinguished Nigerian Physicians of Tomorrow (DNPT). The DNPT, which is sponsored by ANPA, is a coalition of Nigerian Medical students all over the world with the mission to help find solutions to Nigeria’s health care problems. The first of our DNPT bloggers […]

ANPA Member, Dr. Charmaine Emelife, Explains Why Hypertension is a Killer Disease

As Chairperson of the ANPA Georgia chapter, Dr. Charmaine Emelife, worries constantly about how to improve health care in her home country, Nigeria. An ANPA Board member  and Chairperson, ANPA National Bylaws Committee, she has volunteered for several ANPA medical missions to help address the problem. However, like most  ANPA members, she expends most of her professional time […]

Reversing the Brain Drain Phenomenon

The subject of brain drain or professional intellectual loss from underdeveloped to developed countries remains a hot topic.This phenomenon is not unique to medicine and, in fact, encompasses many professional fields including other areas of science, humanities and professional sports. To elaborate on the brain drain attributable to the medical profession, let me start by […]

Unpleasant Tales from a Nigerian Hospital (1)

Nigerian doctors and nurses work under conditions that few of us in the Diaspora can fathom. Despite lack of equipment, broken facilities, and poor remuneration, the vast majority of these health workers do a fabulous job. We have noted on this blog the atmosphere of insecurity under which Nigerian doctors perform their work, having become […]

Nigeria’s Health Minister, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu, Speaks to The ANPA Blog

Several weeks ago, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu, Minister of Health of Nigeria, was at the United Nations headquarters in New York where he addressed a summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). With only five years left until the 2015 deadline, there is a renewed sense of urgency among under-performing countries such as Nigeria to accelerate progress […]

Is ANPA a Social Club ?

I have been debating this question for the past few weeks. I typically try to take stock when the year begins to come to a close and one of the thoughts that came across my mind was what exactly does ANPA mean to me or in what ways does it impact Nigeria as a whole […]

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