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ANPA 30th Convention



Date: 19th - 23rd June 2024

Venue: J. W. Marriott, 1775 S. Clementine St, Anaheim, CA 92802

For more information and sponsorship opportunities, please contact the ANPA Secretariat at 910-302-8994 or info@anpa.org.

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Invitation to Partner
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ANPA 2024 National Scientific Convention
Invitation to Partner

Partner with ANPA at our 30th Annual National Scientific Convention on any of our Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze sponsorship levels. The ANPA National Scientific Convention holds from 19 - 23 June 2024.

For more information about partnership opportunities, please contact the ANPA National Secretariat at info@anpa.org, or by phone at 954-574-2005.

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ANPA Youth Conference
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ANPA 2024 National Scientific Convention
ANPA Youth Conference

Date: 19 - 22 June 2024 | Venue: Anaheim, CA | Price: $575/person

Package include a trip to Disneyland, bus tour of the City, Educational Sessions and Trainings, group dance and other fun activities.

Please note that tickets are non-refundable and cover all events, regardless of number attended.

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About ANPA
The Association of Nigerian physicians in the Americas

The Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA), was incorporated in 1995 for educational, scientific and charitable purposes as a tax-exempt non-profit organization under section 501(c) (3) of the internal revenue code.

ANPA Member benefits include continuing education credits, leadership and/or committee involvement opportunities, annual meeting discounts, and options to serve and/or support medical missions.

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ANPA Scientific Convention & Assembly


Marriott Marquis Times Square, New York City

The Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA) invites you to participate in the 2023 Annual Meeting, scheduled for June 21-25, 2023 at the New York Marriott Marquis representing over 5,000 Nigerian throughout the United States.

World Asthma Day 2024
Happy Mother's Day 2024
world hypertension day 2024
World Malaria Day 2024
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Platinum Sponsor
Platinum Sponsor

Chinyere Anyaogu MD MPH FACOG


I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to lead this great organization. ANPA has grown from humble beginnings to a much respected and admired professional organization representing the interests of a very talented and engaged membership. I honor and respect the vision of our founders who have labored for years to bring us to where we are today. To these great members, I express profound gratitude.

To usher ANPA into the next Quadranscentennial era, my Presidential platform will be built upon the following:

In several countries esp low and middle income countries (like Nigeria) out of pocket expenditure constitutes a major proportion of healthcare spending. In the current state of the Nigerian economy it is easy to appreciate how this situation impacts health access. Therefore, we must optimize resources from all sources. The private sector can offer effective development solutions, not just financing. We will need to be creative in engaging different types of Private -public partnerships in the form of domestic or global, formal, informal or hybrid out of the box. Seeking out, engaging & working collaboratively – creates Partnership of Purpose- at home, in the communities we live in, abroad and where we call home – would help to generate the resources to actualize our strategic goals.

We have a large population of potential members with almost 20 Chapters functioning loosely toward a common goal. Our effectiveness as a body rests in our people strength, the number of engaged members and also the constant grooming of younger members ensure a broad age spectrum of members with different talents and views.

However, when we talk of people’s strength it’s not just members. We also need a caliber of minority health care professionals at home to address the fact that when you have a provider who you can relate to then you are more likely to receive what they are saying and have better outcomes.

Actualizing impactful projects will help move ANPA forward.

  • Collaborating with entities of high repute in a targeted way to create tertiary and specialist bandwidth.
  • Health care promotion on a population scale by health education messengers using mobile messaging in a tiered method with major carriers.
  • Use the already existing platforms ; Womens Hat and Tea platform to elevate the status of Women and children in Nigeria as a low hanging fruit
  • Using research as a tool to direct care giving . I have the commitment of several healthcare researchers – their own right to collate a council of Researchers in ANPA to crystallize a way for us to obtain Health care research money
  • Use health care financing to engage delivery projects. 50 MDs worth a net worth of at least $100,000 creates a worth of $5,000,000.00. This provides a basis to engage and create systems level impact in Nigeria.

It’s time for us to have a place of business in Nigeria – a place where we can have our work of the day be done, monetize administrative functions as we pursue activities including capacity building, educational activities including simulation, distance learning and leadership training.

The time has come for us to step out of the shadows and claim our position as leadership in the nation creating a way to monetize our efforts will help us to create a way to actualize the projects we are intending — In the words of Chinua Achebe


Who We Are

ANPA represents the professional interests of 4,000 plus physicians, dentists and allied health professionals of Nigerian birth, ethnicity or empathy in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. ANPA provides a platform for medical and scientific dialogue on issues of health within North America, the Caribbean, and Africa.

ANPA National Executive

The Association of Nigerian Physicians in The Americas (ANPA) 

Chinyere Anyaogu MD MPH FACOG (Obstretrician / Gynecologist)
Christopher Okunseri BDS., MSc., MLS., DDPHRCSE., FFDRCSI (Dentist)
Immediate Past President
Cliff Eke

(General Surgeon)
Gertie Anyanwoke

(Infectious Diseases)
Why Join ANPA?

Why Join the most interesting Association of Doctors?

ANPA member benefits include continuing education credits, leadership and/or committee involvement opportunities, annual meeting discounts, and options to serve and/or support medical missions.


$ 0
  • This category applies to medical students (pre baccalaureate) and MD residents who currently enrolled in a US medical program. This membership type requires approval.

Associate / Per Annual

$ 200
  • This category applies to non-MD healthcare professionals including physician assistants, nurse practitioners, RNs, etc.


Affiliate / Per Annual

$ 265
  • This category applies to physician members who relocate outside of the US.

Regular / Per Annual

$ 365
  • This category applies to practicing Medical Doctors based in the US.

The selection shall be based upon unusual loyalty and exceptional contributions to the mission of the organization, as well as the recipient’s outstanding influence in maintaining and advancing the best standards of medical education, medical practice, healthcare leadership or clinical research.

  • Exceptional Contributions AWARD
  • Founding Members AWARD
  • Healthcare Leadership AWARD
  • Outstanding New Member AWARD
  • Lifetime Contribution AWARD
  • Excellence in Academia


ANPA week is our annual trip to Nigeria where free medical and surgical care is provided to an indigenous population; continuous professional development training is imparted to the local medical staff; and health care advocacy is done.

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The Association Of Nigerian Physicians In The Americas

Don’t Have a Local Chapter?

An ANPA chapter may represent an entire state, or only a part of a state (as in the USA) or a whole province or part of a province (as in Canada). Also a chapter may represent members from different adjoining or contiguous states (as in the USA) or different contiguous provinces or adjoining provinces (as in Canada).

A minimum of ten members is required to form a chapter of ANPA. Approval of the Board of Directors certifies a chapter as a bona fide branch of the Association.

You can email us directly. via: info@anpa.org

To enhance opportunities for our US and International Medical graduates to access residency training and transition into medical practice in the US, we provide mentorship and guidance for our prospective residents.




Local Chapters




CME Students


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